Guide to Hard Packing

Guide to Hard Packing

By: Peter Buggert | Last Updated: July 29, 2019

Due to the subject matter of this article it may not be appropriate for users under 18. This article talks about sex, sex toys, and genitalia and some of the affiliated links may not be appropriate for users under 18. By continuing to read this article you are acknowledging this content warning.

Hard packing is a term used to refer to when someone, usually a gay woman or trans man, wears a hard phallic object under their clothing typically for sexual penetration of a partner. True hard packing is done with a dildo and strap on, but it is rarely done anymore. Nowadays there are packers that go from flaccid to erect with the insertion of a rod, there are ones that are made to be a more natural and realistic balance of soft and hard, there are ones that have a core that allows them to be easily positioned meaning that there is no need to try packing with a normal hard dildo. It is uncomfortable, it looks unnatural and weird, and it is not going to feel as realistic to a partner. Same with strap on harnesses. Most are made out of leather or plastic or some sort of uncomfortable material that doesn’t have to much give. When worn all day it will probably cause some serious chafing and irritation. Hard packing in my personal opinion is a thing of the past. For whatever reason if it is something you want to do here is how.

The Right Dildo

First things first, not any old dildo will work. You need something that can bend so that you are able to move it into a position that will prevent a huge and awkward erection, that means that it should be able to bend over ninety degrees at least. If you are hard set on using a normal dildo, the dildos that have the most bend are usually labeled things like “flexible”, “beginners”, or “soft”. If you go to a physical store, sometimes they have ones sitting out that you can touch, or you can ask the employees which ones are the softest and have the most bend. Keep it simple, and flesh colored if you would like. You will also need one that works with a harness.

The Right Harness

You will be much more comfortable in packing harnesses or underwear than in a strap on harness. They will be a little less study than a strap on harness, which usually uses belts and buckles to tightly fit to your figure, but they make up for it with the flexibility necessary for hard packing successfully. Packing harnesses are made of fabric and elastic so they feel like normal underwear, they keep the balls in a more natural position, and they will allow the hard pack to pull the fabric and bend more. However, if you get the right strap on harness you can loosen parts of it to get the dildo to run down the pant leg or tuck better by letting it hang loosely away from the body.

You are going to want a harness that is not made of a scratchy material because trust me it will get uncomfortable very quickly. Different harnesses work with different dildos, some will only work with specially made strap on dildos which have a wide triangle base (not recommended for hard packing), some will attach to a suction cup like base, and some will attach to the shaft in front of the balls with an O-ring. Make sure that your strap on works with your dildo.

Positioning In Your Pants

The next most important part is positioning the packer in a way that looks at least somewhat natural. You can either tuck it, which almost no dildo will allow you to do, you can point it upwards and hold it in place with your belt, or more commonly you can run it down and into the leg of your pants. If you run it down your leg many people will use a piece a fabric or a headband to hold it close to the thigh. There is no “correct” way to do this, just find which way is the most comfortable and looks the most natural.

Sources and Resources for More Information:

Warning some of these resources are written for gay women and not transgender men and may cause dysphoria.

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  • This is a guide written for lesbians, but it has some helpful information in it including product reviews of a few different items.

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  • Hudson’s guide is an old classic when it comes to sources of information for trans men, his hard packing guide goes a little bit more in depth than this and has links to products.

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  • This article from Cosmopolitan is about all types of packing. It talks about both hard and soft packing.

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