Introduction to Packer Types and Packer Accessories

Introduction to Packer Types and Packer Accessories

There are many types of packers and it can be a little bit confusing to figure out what exactly you want and what it all means without a little bit of help. Although there are no images of packers shown below, there will be in the example links.


Mixed Media DIY Packers – on personal shops like Etsy you can sometimes find handmade packers for sale. I have seen these made from foam, polymer clay, crocheted from yarn, all sorts of things. The safety of these packers is a little bit skeptical because not everything is healthy to have in the “down there” area and can cause infections or absorb sweat, urine, and other secretions. Nasty. Most of these materials are not easy to wash either. It it better to just skip these packers all together and save your money. To see an example of one of these packers click here.

Cloth Packer – the more common “DIY” kind of packer is a cloth packer, except unlike other DIY packers ones made from cloth can have their perks. Many people make their own cloth packers before they are able to purchase one. If you look in the right places you can find some good cloth packers that are actually semi realistic in appearance. These should be made of a lightweight natural fiber, usually cotton, and just like underwear need to be changed and washed regularly. Click here to see an example of a high quality cloth packer.

Non-Silicone Packers – moving on to manufactured packers, the cheapest will be the ones made from materials that are not silicon. Cheap ones are usually made out of cyber skin, rubber, or a silicone mix. These materials tend to be porous and therefor can harbor bacteria. These packers usually only serve the function of packing and do not stand up to wear and tear very long. They make a great first packer, but if you pack regularly then save your money for one that will last longer. To see an example of one of these packers click here.

Silicone Packers – these are the highest quality packers in terms of material, and as you probably guessed the most expensive. Silicone is nonporous, rather durable depending on the type, and is commonly used in medicine and prosthetics. Silicon packers will be more expensive, but make up for it with their quality. To see an example of a silicon packer click here.


In terms of function different packers do different things. Some allow you to pee while standing, some just create a bulge in the pants without even looking phallic, some allow the user to have sex, and some will allow the full function of a biological penis. There are many types of packers with more coming out every day.

(Basic) Packer – a basic packer will serve only one function and that is to create a bulge in the pants. These will be the cheapest of the commercially made packers although price varies depending mostly on material. DIY packers may not even be phallic in appearance but simply create a bulge although most do aim to look like a penis and usually balls with varying degrees of realism. You can see a basic packer here.

STP (Stand to Pee) – an STP is any device that will help someone without a penis pee while standing. This might mean that the device is simply a funnel and not even phallic in shape. You cannot pack with everything that is labeled as an STP, so make sure that you are aware of what you are buying. You can see an STP device here, but fair warning it is one called a Go Girl. It is the only one that I can find that is flexible and comes in a brownish color.

STP Packer – These products function as both a packer and as an STP device. They are almost always semi-realistic and phallic. These are very highly sought after not only because they can alleviate dysphoria, but also because they can make one feel safer and fit in inside of the bathroom and other gendered spaces. Sometimes the term. You can see an example of a 2 in 1 here.

Pack and Play – this is a packer that you can also use for penetration, but may not have the ability to function as an STP. They can be uncomfortable to pack with due to their size and stiffness, but they are more flexible than a typical dildo. Here is a packer company that allows you to customize the hardness and length of your packer for use in the bedroom.

2 in 1 – the term 2 in 1 may reference an STP Packer or a Pack and Play. Most commonly it is referencing an STP packer but it is used for both.

“Hard Packer” – a hard packer is a term used to reference when someone packs with a strap on, aka a dildo worn in a harness used for sex. Before there were good packers for trans men a hard packer was much more common, but now most people do not use one. Sometimes this does also refer to a pack and play packer. This is not what most people want to use in any scenario as it is uncomfortable and looks strange in the pants. Here is an example of a strap on that is slightly more malleable and soft than the average and may work for hard packing.

3 in 1 – a packer that functions as a packer, an STP, and can be used for penetration in sex is commonly called a 3 in 1. Usually, they have a rod that can be inserted to allow it to become erect, when the rod is removed it becomes flaccid and can easily be packed with. These are expensive and usually highly realistic. Here is an example of a 3 in 1 with an insertable rod.

4 in 1 – a 4 in 1 has the 4 p’s: pack, pee, play, and pleasure. That means that you can pack with it, use it as an STP, used it for sex, and during sex it gives you pleasure as well. Commonly a 3 in 1 packer will also serve the pleasure function in some way. You can see an example of a 4 in 1 packer here.

Methods of Adherence

You have to keep the packer on you somehow, there are a few methods of doing this. Which methods you can and can’t use depends on the type of packer you buy. There is not really a standard for packers which means that when you buy a packer and harness (or other product) separately they may not work together.

Underwear – Many people just wear throw their packers into their underwear. In order for this to work the underwear has to be tight, not in an uncomfortable way, just form-fitting. Boxers do not work, boxer briefs can be okay but briefs and jock straps are supposed to be the best because the elastic around the legs and general shape keeps the packer in place.

Pouch – one method if you only have a basic packer and not an STP is a pouch. A small pouch is fastened to the front of the underwear usually with a safety pin in which the packer is inserted. This keeps the packer from slipping out while one is moving and holds it in the proper position. You can buy pouches or easily make one of you own out of a sock. You can see an example of a packer pouch here.

Packing Underwear – if wearing briefs or a jock is not something you are okay with you can buy special underwear that is made to hold a packer. Usually, they have a special pouch in the front to place the packer in or have a ring that will go around the shaft. Not all packing underwear works with all packers. You can see an example of packing underwear here.

Harness – A harness is also made to hold a packer in place and is usually very similar to packing underwear. Usually, this means either a ring in the front of the harness that the shaft is put through to hold it in place or a strap that goes around the harness. Harnesses that only touch the waist and legs can be worn more than once before needing to be washed, unlike packing underwear. You can see a few different harnesses here.

Adhesive – some packers, usually the top of the line ones, allow the use of medical adhesives to attach the packer to your body so that they can be worn even without underwear or a harness. While this can be nice in certain scenarios it can also be quiet annoying. You will have to keep everything shaved in order for the adhesive to stick, and it sticks to the skin like a band-aid does, meaning it may not feel good to take off and after wearing over a period of time can cause skin irritation. A packer has to be made with a special tab in order to be used with adhesive. You can see a packer that works with adhesives here.

Other Accessories You May Need

Powder – some packers require you to put a special powder on them or else they will feel sticky to the touch. You can buy special packer powders, although corn starch is supposed to work just as well. There has been concern recently over talcum powder causing ovarian cancer. You can

A Good Hiding Spot – even if there isn’t a particular person you need to hide your packer from sometimes I do worry about leaving it out or a friend opening my drawers and just finding it sitting in there. Make sure that you know you can keep it in a safe place before getting one if that is a necessary precaution.

Water Based Lube – if your packer will be used for sex, most partners will appreciate the use of lubricant. Water based lubricant is the best for use with packers and sex toys. Some packers actually have a function that allows “cum lube” (a lubricant that is white) to be put in the tip and when the tip is squeezed it will squirt out.

Condoms – you might be thinking “hey this isn’t a real dick, why do I need a condom?” well that is because STDs can be tough little suckers. Studies have found that some STDs can live on sex toys for days after contact. Plus wearing a condom will protect your packer and increase its lifespan.

Toy Cleaner – you need to clean your packer especially if it is an STP or used in sex. Toy cleaner is the best if it is used for sex, while mild soap and water is fine for STPs or other packers. If your packer is silicone, most can be boiled, although you should check its care instructions.

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