Peter’s Review of The Joey

The product being reviewed is The Joey Classic with Hole, from the company Get Your Joey. This is a company owned and ran out of Canada by LGBT people. All of their Joey’s are hand made. A Joey is a packer pouch, which is a small kind of bad that is attached to the underwear to hold your packer so it doesn’t fall out of your underwear. There is no place on their website for reviews and this is not a product that I have ever seen talked about so I have no frame of reference for what the average person thinks about The Joey.

The pouch itself comes in many different colors and a few different sizes. I got the patterns that were on clearance since they were a little cheaper which was a black one with words on it and another one with a colorful pattern. I got them to use with my packer at the time which was a small Mr.Limpy. Everything came in a small cardboard envelope, nothing on the outside that would look suspicious. When opened there was just the packer pouch. The company is based in Canada which means for people in the US that they have to go through customs. 

Overall there isn’t much to say about this product because it is so simple. It is a fabric pouch. I mean the ones that I got seemed to be well made, they held the packer as they were supposed to, they went into the wash and came back out again completely fine. The only problem that I had with them was that they did not work well with the Mr.Limpy packer, despite saying that it did on their website. It barely fit in the pouch and kept it constantly erect. I mean given that the Mr.Limpy is about the lowest quality packer that you can buy it really cannot be blamed on the Joey that it did not work well.

I was worried when I heard that the pouch came with a safety pin for attachment because obviously getting stabbed down there with a needle is not a nice thought, also safety pins are usually quite small and easy to lose. The pin that their product comes with is actually quite large and has a special plastic end on it. In order for the pin to come undone is has to go over and around the plastic, and honestly I can never see that happening on accident. 

The only downside to this product is that it hangs from your underwear. Packers are not extremely light which means that your underwear is always being pulled down and that is not ideal. Joey pouches are about twenty dollars each unless you get the ones on clearance which are usually about fifteen dollars each. 

Honestly, I can’t really see the purpose of buying this product for twenty dollars and then getting it shipped though customs and waiting weeks for it to arrive. You can just as easily make an army of them for the twenty dollars out of a pack of socks and a box of safety pins. Someone with minimal sewing experience could make one almost identical with materials already in their house. 

I would give this product a 3/5, it seems to be a good company and what you receive is a quality product, but I see no purpose to buying one. Honestly, the company does seem so nice that I wish I could give it a better review, but it is not worth twenty dollars to buy their product when you can make one on your own. Also the Joey does not work with STPs, it only works with the most basic packers.

If you have used a Joey please comment your review below!

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