Peter’s GC2B Binder Review

Peter’s GC2B Binder Review

By: Peter Buggert | Last Reviewed: 10/12/19 Last Updated: 10/12/19

The product being reviewed is the Half Binder by GC2B in the colors White, Black, and Nude no.5. GC2B is a company owned by trans people that also works with trans charities to give binders to people in need, most notably they work with Point of Pride, a charity ran by a trans man. There is no place on their website to leave reviews of their products or services and the only place you can buy GC2B apparel is through their website, so I cannot tell you what the average person thinks of their binders. I have seen many people talk about GC2B and the reviews are generally very positive when it comes to their customer service and products. The company itself is regarded as one of the few high quality binder producers out there and the best at its price point at only $33 dollars for a half tank. While some people prefer other binder companies over GC2B it seems to be more based personal preference than quality.

Personally, I give them 4/5 stars. The first binder I ordered from them was back in 2017 I believe and it was a white full tank. I did all the measurements to figure out I was in a size small and placed my order. It took over three weeks to arrive which I know isn’t that long but it felt like forever. Finally it arrives in a plastic package envelope, it looked totally normal from the outside and a normal person probably would have thought it was just a t-shirt. When I opened it there was my binder, an invoice, and a little post card type advertisement from GC2B inside.

Immediately I began to struggle to get the thing on and pulled a muscle. Finally I get it on and instantly am disappointed and uncomfortable. My chest looked weird, not really flatter or masculine just weird and the way it was pulling it to the sides hurt. It seemed like any fat was either being brought upwards to an awkward place or it was being shoved into my armpit and again looked weird. I knew it was probably to small, but the idea of having to return the binder I waited a month for was devastating so I tried to wear it anyways. I lasted maybe 15 minuets before I started to feel like I wasn’t getting enough air and my ribs hurt. I am pretty much just telling you this story so that you understand what it feels like to wear a binder that is to small.

I made the return (which was very easy) but since it was only a little to small I got to order the next size up more confidently. I also decided to go with the half tank because I didn’t like how the full one looked. I wanted it to look just like a tank top but instead it looked more like a half binder with an awkward little sheet stuck to the bottom. The bottom half was also partially see through where as the top was not. So my half tanks came and I put them on. Immediately I fell in love with them. They were snug but not hard to get on or painful in any way. I could immediately tell that it fit how it was supposed to.

My chest looked and felt completely flat in a way that appeared natural. When I only wore them for eight hours a day as recommended I felt completely fine after taking them off. Sadly I did develop the nasty habit of wearing them from the moment I woke up until I went to sleep and then they did start causing some back problems, but that isn’t the binders fault that is my own. However, after wearing them nearly 24/7 for over a year they are still in great shape. I do have a very small chest so while they have stretched out a little they are still plenty effective for me although I do wonder if that would be the same for people with larger chests. Also I have a skin tone one that I use for swimming. Binders should not be worn for exercise but I swim rarely and only for recreation. GC2B binders are made out of the same materials as swimsuits so they can be used in the water as well.

While this is always the first company that I recommend to people it does have a lot of the problems that other binder companies cannot seem to figure out how to get around either. The material is thick and traps heat and moisture making binding in the summer pretty much impossible without overheating and drowning in sweat. When worn under a shirt that doesn’t have a tight fitting collar the straps seem to always peek out. This isn’t a huge issue because they are thick straps and look like you are just wearing an undershirt especially if the binder is white. The edges are also rather thick and can be seen though shirts which is very annoying. Also everyone’s least favorite fact they cannot be worn longer than eight hours.

So to summarize GC2B binders are great, I really have no big complaints, however they are not miracle binders and have the same issues any other quality binder will have, because of that I give them 4/5 stars. I also highly encourage the company to add a comment and review section to their products.

If you have used a GC2B binder or other product leave a comment about your experience below.

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