Top Surgery Information Resources

Top Surgery Information Resources

By: Peter Buggert | Last Reviewed: 10/12/19 Last Updated: 10/12/19

Best Websites for Information:

Gender Confirmation Center by Dr. Scott Mosser. This is by far the most reliable source when it comes to top surgery information. He is a board certified plastic surgeon and specializes in transgender surgeries. He is also a cofounder of the American Society of Gender Surgeons (ASGS). His website has almost all of the information that you may need about surgery types, how surgery works, what surgery you qualify for, pretty much everything you will need to know laid out in simple english.

FtM Top Surgery Guide by the Trans Media Network. Most of their information on surgical procedures comes from Dr. Mosser, but they offer plenty of other information including a list of surgeons and their locations, information about costs and insurance, before and after photos, and more.

Transmasculine Top Surgery by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. A good reliable source, the ASPS is the largest plastic surgery specialty organization in the world. These pages (navigate using the sidebar on the right) offer helpful information that is hard to find anywhere else including questions to ask a potential surgeon, preparation, and risks.

Trans HealthCare: SRS Surgeon Directory. This is the largest online directory that I have seen when it comes to surgeons who do transgender surgeries. Click the orange “Find a Surgeon” button, under “Offering” select top surgery, under “Where?” select the state you are looking for, then select your insurance (or if you aren’t using insurance select nothing) and hit search.

If you have any other good resources leave a comment below and we might add them to the list!

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